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Smart Medical Laboratory

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Digital Transformation in Medical Laboratories

Laboratories have to adapt themselves to the digital transformation of the society and its new economic paradigms.
In our new era, laboratories have to provide not only the operational excellence, but also the customized digital services to the doctors and patients.

By concentrating on their core expertise, laboratories collaborate to offer comprehensive analysis to their customers. This collaboration is efficient thanks to digital transactions between laboratories. Smart laboratories will connect themselves with their ecosystems.

Simplify the administrative work for the doctors, give access quickly and easily on demand to the results of analysis and improve the patient’s life are the new challenges for the laboratories.

In order to keep competitiveness, laboratories must on one side optimize the use of their assets and resources and on the other side reduce the cost of  waste.

Smart laboratories improve the services to their customers, increase their efficiency and strengthen their business figures.

Key Benefits

Improved Doctors Services

Thanks to a connected prescription, a web portal to access results, mobility and collaborative digital services, doctors will be able to take advantage of better services.

Better Patients Services

The ability to make an appointment to the laboratory on the internet, receive all data in his personal medical report and access all results will help the patient to keep track of his health.

Improved Productivity

The connectivity to equipment and partner’s laboratories, the automation of tasks and inputs on tablets will decrease low-value tasks and improve productivity in the laboratory.

Better Use of Resources

A better visibility on operations and the use of equipement will help you to get an improved resources management.

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