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Smart Buildings

Mastering efficiency while improving occupancy convenience

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Each building will become smart

The standard for new constructions has become Smart Buildings to achieve excellence in energy efficiency and occupancy comfort.

Through innovative technologies, buildings will offer occupant safety, comfort and sustainability. It simplifies the everyday tasks at home and work.

Key Benefits

Costs Savings

Smart Buildings consume less energy compared to buildings without automated processes, resulting in energy savings of 10% to 30%. Savings will also be achieved thanks to simplified operations and maintenance.


Comfort Improvement

Smart Buildings contribute to improving the way people live and work. Optimized comfort is achieved by regulation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, as well as control of lighting.

Green Building

Energy management to reduce power consumption in combination with the installation of renewable energy sources will result in much less CO2 emissions and a greener building.

Increased Safety

Smart Buildings provide a safer environment for occupants. The building management system will detect hazards, provide emergency alerts and contact authorities.

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