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These five questions and answers will get you started into your journey.

What is Smart Manufacturing?

“Smart Manufacturing is the intelligent, real-time orchestration and optimization of business, physical and digital processes within factories and across the entire value chain” – Rik Geerts

What is new about it?

The technologies.
Intelligent connected devices (smartphones, tablets, smartwacthes) are now everywhere.
The Internet of Things (IoT) is here and big data analytics on cloud platforms are unlatching critical information insights.

Now a traditional business can be run as a digital enterprise and smart manufacturing is divided into smart technology and smart people. Your factory is assured to powerful changes when you unlock their potential and powering a new collaborative 21st-century business mindset.

Who cares about it?

A lot of different people care about it, and they are right to.

  • Shareholders care because it matters to the bottom line.
  • Employees care because they want the tools to do what their job better.
  • Customers care because they want more for less.

Why now?

You must anticipate that the speed of business is going to keep accelerating.
Customers will continue to be more claiming and competitors won’t stop innovating.
So you should start now, with small steps.

Why me?

Leadership is the single most crucial ingredient for success.

Smart manufacturing is a catalyst bringing leaders and practitioners together more directly than ever before. 
Leaders are looking for innovative ways to move their business forward while plant teams are looking to show executives that manufacturing is worth investing in.

Your company success requires an outspoken champion to lead it to that future. You.


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