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Yves Pilet — Founder & CEO at YPSYS

« Based on our field experience in manufacturing operations and building management, we will provide you the best options for technical solutions, implementation methods while optimizing your budget. We guide you towards smart and simple solutions offering biggest immediate profit while remaining flexible, scalable and evolutionary. »

The YPSYS skill has its roots in our strong field experience with both MES and SCADA solution integration.

Our project management approach relies on existing PMP best practices. Our experience in the AGILE methodology allows us to interact in a more flexible and efficient manner with you. We also adhere to GAMP 5 engineering methodology for qualified and validated pharmaceutical environments.

By relying on the « Value Proposition Design » approach (, we add an extra dimension of efficiency and playfulness to our solutions integration services. The methodology with tools help to create value for everyone, ensures perfect understanding of needs and creates alignment between project stakeholders.


Advisory Services

Advising you on solutions and opportunities that will transform your operations into world-class performance.



Implementation Services

Implementing solutions to get results on day one, customized to take advantage of your capabilities and strengths.


Advisory Services

Advising you on solutions and opportunities that will transform your operations into world-class performance

Implementing a MES project is a strategic goal for your organization, it has to be carefully prepared and successfully introduced.

We advise you upstream of a call for a tender process, when it comes to clarifying your needs, setting your functional and technical requirements or ensuring the commitment of the project stakeholders.

Our team help you answer the following questions :

  • Why a MES project, what can be its value for everyone ?
  • What are the key steps and factors of success ?
  • How can you develop a deep understanding of people’s needs and practices ?
  • How can you best define the project scope and priorities ?
  • What will be the necessary resources ?
  • What benefits and return on investment can you expect ?
  • How to promote the project internally and get the management green light ?

We usually propose joint field missions, involving the relevant stakeholders of the MES project (e.g. Operations, Quality, Maintenance, IT, Management…) :

These missions are made of interactive workshops, one-to-one interviews and production site analysis. They can be customized based on your expectations and the dimension of your project.

In addition, we also propose you a Quick and Easy trial in your production environment, thanks to our portable MES solution. This approach allows you to get some immediate results and energize the operational teams.

Let's talk about your needs

Implementation Services

Implementing solutions to get results on day one, customized to take advantage of your capabilities and strengths

What is a typical implementation process ?

Solution Design

The design phase starts with the thorough analysis of your needs and operational processes.

An agile cooperation between your team and our integration experts allows designing the solution’s functionalities, defining a test protocol and estimating a phase-by-phase planning for the project.

Solution Building

YPSYS integration team then proceeds with the MES core configuration. The various IHMs (dashboards, capture forms, lists, reports…) are customized in order to reflect the specificities of your manufacturing environment. At this stage, we also build the necessary transactions between the MES and any third-party systems (ERP, GMAO, WMS, production equipment, measurement tools…).

Solution Testing - YPSYS side

This is the stage at which the various developments are merged and the solution tested at YPSYS premises before being delivered in your production environment. The versioning of the solution is configured and a rigorous test plan is designed and completed.

Solution Testing - YOUR side

Our team now proceeds to the on-site installation of your MES solution, so it can be safely checked in a testing environment. The system is then submitted to your validation, with a view to having it fully operational and compliant before commissioning. At this stage, a customized training program is delivered to the future users.

Go live

The solution is now fully installed in your production environment and ready to start running.

During this key step, our experts provide a high-quality support to your team in order to ensure a successful system launch and ownership.

Feedback and Support over time

YPSYS commits to so you can make the most of your MES solution over time.

Following project debriefing, we jointly define the next steps, including proposals for a customized Service Level Agreement (SLA) as well as a roadmap for the upcoming upgrades and future evolutions of your solution.

Let's talk about your project