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Strengthen and secure the surveillance of your installations for peace of mind

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Protect your installation

Remote monitoring of automated systems is important to ensure the control, safety and security of installations.

The solution is to inform the right person, at the right time, in the right place with the right information in case of a problem to enable immediate attention and quick resolutions.
Alert monitors and centralizes data and alarms from a variety of automated applications and when an alarm condition is detected, it automatically informs the relevant staff using all available media (phone, SMS, email).

Key Benefits

Fast Implementation

With no programming needed, Alert is simple to implement and is also carefully designed, for intuitive configuration and use. An automatic integration with monitored applications is also available.

Maximum Adaptability

Alert provides a total interactivity with most industrial and IT applications via standard native protocols, and immediate integration with the great standards of industrial supervision through special “mediator” modules.

Safe on-Call Management

A highly flexible and safe on-call management enables you to control the call completion and have access to complete range of available media to transmit alarms, constantly enriched as technology develops.

Complete Traceability

Alert create logging of alarms and acknowledgements for traceability, with the possibility of dynamic export, statistical processing and reports on the alarms and interventions.

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Impactful Features

Wide Broadcast
  • When an alarm condition is detected, Alert automatically informs the relevant staff using all available media:
    • Landline and mobile telephone, as well as Walkie-Talkie, to directly contact the operators and transmit information by voice with immediate call acknowledgement and the possibility to acknowledge the alarms. Compatible with all technologies: analogue, digital (ISDN), VoIP.
    • SMS, mini-messages on DECT phone (Alcatel, Aastra, Siemens …) to Alert mobile operators with written messages.
    • Pager / Beeper to rapidly inform onsite operators.
    • Fax, email to transmit reports and additional information on the alarms and their context
Alarms and Personel Location

Alert embeds a new feature which locate and show alarms and/or persons on a map.
You also have the ability to import specific images or personnalized maps.
Combined with location beacons, you will be able to locate and view the alarms inside your buildings.
Your alarms will be accurately geolocated for more effective interventions.

Voice Interface

Alert provides a visual and voice interface adapted to each operator, local and onsite:

  • Multilingual visual interface (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese).
  • Alarm messages can be generated in various languages. Each operator can receive messages in his own language.
  • Thanks to the integrated voice synthesis module, voice messages are automatically generated in the language of the callees.



ALERT warns the operators concerned by an alarm or fault notification, wherever they are on the site or even away from the site.
This enables you to avoid keeping operators on station needlessly, and gives them the possibility of moving around the site: more flexible and enhanced working organisation, better peace of mind for your staff.
By allowing you to operate your installation 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, without being forced to keep plenty of operators on duty, and without reducing the safety of your installations or the quality of life of your staff, ALERT enables you to enhance the profitability of your investments considerably.

Smartphone Application

Thanks to the AlertMobile application to download onto your smartphone (Android, BlackBerry, iPhone), you can realize an optimal remote monitoring of your installations, and ensure at same time your mobility and safety:

  • A simplified Alarm Management (acceptation, acknowledgement, masking, consultation)
  • Mobile supervision of your sites and of sensitive data
  • Optimized On-Call-Management (availability, operation)
  • Enhanced security of people (sign of life, localization)
Indoor and Outdoor map location

Alert not only helps to locate alarms on a map like Google Maps, but also to integrate the indoor maps of your buildings using beacon location management.

The position of the alarm location is precise thus enabling you to be more efficient.



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