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New Features in TrakSYS 10.1 Fulfill on Mission to Simplify Manufacturing Management Software with Additional Out-of-Box Functionality and Code-Free Configuration

ANAHEIM, Calif., April 20, 2017 – Parsec today announced the launch of version 10.1 of TrakSYS™, its powerful, modular manufacturing management software. The update to TrakSYS 10, launched at PACK EXPO last November, contains key enhancements, including:


  • New reports, including: TEEP; MTBF; MTrBF; MTTR; ‘Legal Loss’ OEE
  • Standard data editors that allow users to create, modify and delete Events, Sub-Events and KPI Intervals
  • Real-time progress bar in the Line Performance (OEE) dashboard, so users can see the status of a particular line at a glance
  • Data structure enhancements, including 10 new general purpose fields and data capture fields for Batch, Batch Step and User Time
  • Tools to help users of previous versions of TrakSYS import their custom reports and content into TrakSYS version 10.1 without re-coding, thus simplifying the migration process and preserving their investments

“This new version of TrakSYS contains important enhancements that extend the functionality of TrakSYS, and fulfill on our mission to make things as simple as possible for our users,” said Parsec CEO Eddy Azad.

One Platform, Many Applications

A unified, 100 percent web-based platform with multiple, fully-integrated modules, TrakSYS can be used as a full manufacturing execution system or deployed to solve one or more business challenges – from Performance and Quality to E-Records, Maintenance, Workflow, and more. The modular nature of TrakSYS brings complete flexibility to deploy only the functions that are required, without the need to install or maintain different software packages.

TrakSYS gathers critical operations data from machines and people, and delivers insights to help operations run more productively, safely and profitably. Leveraging 30 years of experience in delivering manufacturing solutions, Parsec designed this powerful new version of TrakSYS to simplify manufacturing operations in a variety of industries – from pharmaceutical and packaged goods to food and beverage, automotive and more.

TrakSYS version 10.1 is now available.

Learn more about TrakSYS right here.