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Reducing the cost of poor quality represents a significant contribution to a healthy bottom line. But consider the challenges associated with sustainable quality improvement. What are the causes of poor quality? Are they design-related? Could they be caused by components, ingredients, or services? Could equipment play a role in identified quality problems?

Watch this informative 45-minute webinar to see how by taking advantage of Parsec’s quality management solutions you can significantly improve the overall throughput and yield of your production processes with the highest quality and at minimal cost without disruption or infrastructure changes.

With TrakSYS, you can manage all essential elements of quality such as SOPs, tasks, accountability, traceability, notifications, audit trail, reports, scheduling, and analysis.

  • Manage workflows, business rules, SOPs, tasks, and analytics
  • Record your process-related, data, defects, waste, yield, and observations
  • Provide electronic records and reports for in-depth analysis
  • Involve your stakeholders in corrective actions to ensure continuous improvement
  • Analyze production hazards and critical process control points historically and in real-time
  • Manage regulatory requirements related to traceability, audit trail, and digital signatures

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